Steve Derr
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Steve and I worked together based on a recommendation I received from a trustworthy friend, who told me that Steve would be patient and helpful to me as a first-time buyer. She was right. At all times Steve gently assisted me in navigating the real estate market; careful, solicitous and always upbeat. When I texted him, he immediately responded. When I hemmed and hawed, he helped me to clarify my thinking by asking the right questions. When I asked for something, he did everything in his power to secure it. Understanding his client's needs is important to Steve, and he spent as much time as he could getting to know my tastes, which I myself was trying to figure out during the process. When it came time to connect with my mortgage broker, Steve maintained that high level of professionalism and inherent good will. Later, when I made an offer--my first one--he walked me through the process without making any assumptions about what I knew. I am certain that if Steve had not handled the negotiation, with his connections within the real estate world, availability and his helpful advice to me, I would still be searching for my new home. Above all, I consistently believed that he had my best interests at heart.

- Dana

Steve is a master broker that helped us with every step of the process, from setting the price, to managing the staging and pre-sale construction work, to negotiating with prospective buyers, and handling the escrow and closing. Steve is an excellent communicator who keeps you informed at every turn without being a bother. We were thrilled with the outcome of our sale, and happily give Steve our highest recommendation.

- Paul and Robin

During my first meeting with Steve, I told him I had a demanding job, and very little time or mental bandwidth to put into selling my place and buying a new one. But I really, really wanted to...would he help? He said yes and put his meticulous attention to detail, and experience to work for me.  He created a step-by-step calendar to get me organized around things I needed to do. All I had to do was to follow his recommendations and advice. I was also able to tap into Steve's trusted network of stagers, lenders, insurance brokers, inspectors, handy men, easily move through the process. The upfront prep work paid off! I ended up getting multiple offers on my place 10 days after it went on the market and sold for above asking price. Within a month, my offer for a new place was accepted, and I am writing this review from my beautiful new home! I couldn't have done any of this without Steve. He was my agent, advisor, project manager, coach, and friend. I came to trust and rely on him fully and will always be grateful to him for helping me buy my dream home.

- Katy

 Steve Derr is an amazing agent and I highly recommend him to anyone looking to buy (or sell) a home in Marin. This was my first time purchasing a home and Steve took the time to explain the entire real estate process, spent time to get to know me, and helped me to determine the features of a house  that are important to me. In fact, after visiting open houses with me for about six weeks Steve was able to verbalize my requirements better than I could! During the searching phase Steve’s communication was excellent and I feel that every house he suggested I look at always fit most of my requirements. His knowledge of Marin is extensive and I learned more about Marin visiting open houses with Steve than I did living here for 4 years. When it came down to putting in offers, Steve was patient with this first-time buyer, clearly explained the process, and helped me put together several strong offers. And when an offer was accepted, his communication skills really came to the fore, keeping tabs on all the different moving parts, keeping everyone (especially me) informed of where everyone else was, and making sure that everything got done correctly and on time. Steve is a very methodical person and that clearly showed in the care he took in filling out and filing paperwork, which helped to ensure an on-time closing. If I ever have to move again Steve will be my first call.

- Aenoch

 Steve has been extraordinary. As our vocational and family situations gradually changed over the course of more than 3 years, Steve walked with us every bit of the way on our path toward a sale. He helped us understand our options, provided us with information whenever we wanted or needed it, calmed our anxieties, gave us realistic perspectives with no pressure, guaranteed a process of integrity and transparency, kept a handle on the big picture for us, and attended to the smallest of details -- even while we were living out of the area. We are extraordinarily grateful for Steve's work on our behalf.  We can't imagine a realtor could be any more helpful, attentive, and caring than Steve has been.

- Andrew

Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!  You’ve been great through it all and I want to express our appreciation, Steve, for being so attentive to our search for a new home – especially since it lasted for more than a year!  The end result was absolutely terrific!!  We especially applaud your integrity; you never pushed us to settle for something that was not as good as it initially seemed.  You also steered us clear of some serious pitfalls with appropriate communication throughout.  Ultimately, we successfully found JUST THE RIGHT HOUSE FOR US and we all celebrated such a good choice in the end!!!  You can count on us calling on you when we’re ready to sell!

- Maryellen

“I have vast experience with real estate and Steve far exceeded my expectations in the sale of my house. I consider this to have been a flawless transaction on ALL levels despite several complicated circumstances. In the process, I became a good friend with Steve as well. He is thoughtful, honest and extremely reliable.”

- Edmundo

In an email to friends: “I'd like to introduce you to Steve Derr. Steve is easily the most intuitive and conscientious realtor we've ever had the privilege of working with. He is patient, responsive, quick to act and a pleasure to deal with. He has my highest endorsement - and as you both know, I've been known to be a bit, well, shall we say picky?   :)”

- Drew

We wish to share our pleasant experience in using Steve Derr to market and sell our San Rafael home. We have known Steve for many years and long admired him as a very friendly, conscientious person who we know volunteers part of his time in a variety of Marin County non-profits.He is very professional, thorough, gives solid attention to important details and was full of the energy needed to prepare us and our home for the ultimate sale. Steve quickly demonstrated an ability to guide and help us focus on those things that would best help us sell our home.  He made the process a real pleasure, even though we had a lot of work to do preparing our home for the market. Steve was able to provide referrals to trades people that helped us meet our tight time schedule required to put our home on the market at the best time to sell quickly.  We have long known that Steve is an accomplished photographer and were delighted to see how beautiful our home looked through the lens of his excellent photography skills.Oh, and it was in escrow within 9 days from the day it was first exposed to the market which brought us multiple offers above our asking price.   We will be ever thankful for using Steve to guide us through the process of selling our home.  Thank you Steve, job well done!

- John and Patty

“This process was a dream! You shepherded us through everything perfectly, Steve! Thank you so much!”

 - Patty added

We've worked with Steve Derr three times; buying and selling in San Rafael and then buying in San Anselmo. We wanted to pass along how appreciative we are of Steve's service. Both purchases and the sale in between had critical moments in which Steve's professionalism and thoroughness yielded the outcome we had hoped for. In order for those negotiations to work, we also believe it was Steve's awareness and balance of both delicate and direct communication - using each when the moment called for it in the negotiations that ensued. Apparently, he is a great communicator because we achieved what we had set out to do in each scenario! Steve is a pleasure to work with and we'd do it again (but hopefully not too soon- having JUST completed a renovation of our current property!- we LOVE our house!) and would definitely commend him to our friends and colleagues. Thank you Steve!

- Jay

My wife and I had been contemplating taking the leap into home ownership for some time. A friend of ours had passed along their real estate agent’s card and we had gazed upon that face for almost a year before we made the decision to “take the leap.”  Who would have guessed that Steve’s friendly smile sitting on our cork board would provide us such a wonderful experience in undertaking the path one travels when purchasing a new home. Steve was knowledgeable, forthright, practical and caring. He instilled confidence in our decision making processes by being there with the answers we needed when we needed them. He was patient with our nervous questions, accommodating with our busy schedules and understanding with our two little ones. Steve’s efforts resulted in a professional, timely and efficient experience as well as providing us with the confidence to know we were in good hands. We will always be grateful.

- Grant & Kari

"Steve, I want to thank you very much for all your help and time, and the successful result. I know you spent a lot of time on this for very little reward. We knew absolutely nothing about short sales when we first met you in Corte Madera, and what a pain they are! But you told us up front what to expect and helped us understand the process every step of the way. We really appreciated your patience, responsiveness, attention to detail and good advice. But for you, it would have been a much more painful experience! Thanks again, and I hope we can stay in touch."

- Jim and Colette

The skill and care with which you guided me through the purchase of a first home, Steve, remains fresh in my mind even six months after closing, and I wanted to be sure to get you this letter of recommendation.I'm doubtful that I could have trusted another agent to see me through  this purchase. I'm not an inherently trusting sort but I felt completely protected after placing my confidence in you to help me navigate the myriad complexities of finding, negotiating, inspecting, questioning, signing, and moving to a new home. Your sincerity and earnestness in ensuring that every detail was handled in a thorough and timely manner gave me comfort and reassurance in making the most important financial decision of my life.Thank you for your concern, care, and professionalism. Lastly, and importantly, I've made a new friend and that about says it all, at least to this former-Midwesterner. I wish you much success moving forward as you're one of the good ones.

- Paul